Low temperature LiPo

  • Item:: 6560158-8P7S
  • Brief:: low Temperature lithium polymer batteries can work at -40℃

Publish time:2020-02-03 22:04:11

low Temperature lithium polymer batteries can work at -40℃

low Temperature lithium polymer batteries can work at -40℃, here we give you lithium polymer battery pack GMB6560158 29.4V 40Ah as an example(other sizes at your request):



Together with technology’s imporvement and actual demanding of low temperature batteries, there are many field in great demand of low temperature rechargebale ones.

Currently, almost all of batteries ofChinabattery line can stand low temperature rate at minus 30 degrees.

While GMB’s low tem battery can stand at most minus 40 degrees.


B、For instance, GMB6560158 battery packs, our’s low tem version have following charcteristics as well.


This document is made according to customer parameter requirements,it describes the Product Specification of Chargeable Lithium Polymer Battery produced by Guangzhou Markyn Battery Co., Ltd.

The temporary specification is only for the customer's reference, not regared as the basis of the IQC and mutual confession


No. Item Spec Note
1 model 6560158/40Ah 8P7S
2 Charge Voltage 29.4V(single cell 4.2V)  
3 Nominal Voltage 25.9V The average value of voltage during the discharge period (with standard charge and discharge). When shipping, the voltage without load is between 25.2V and 26.95V.
4 Nominal Capacity 8P:40Ah Min:38Ah Nominal Capacity refer to the capacity of0.2Cdischarge to 19.25V cut-off voltage, after charging with standard method.
5 Cycle Life ≥300 Times

One cycle refer to one charge period and then one discharge period.

Test condition:

Charge:0.2Cto 29.4V

Discharge:0.2Cto 19.25V

The cycle life is the cycle times when the discharge capacity is about 75% of the rated capacity.
6 Impedance

Cell Impedance:

≤30mΩAssemblage Impedance: ≤80mΩ
After Standard charging, measure the internal resistance with AC1KHz (while measuring, clip near 2/3 place of the anode and the cathode.);Measure two sides of the drawing line after assembling. (Red B+、Black B-)
7 Max. Charge Current0.5C  
8 Max. Discharge Current1.0C  
9 Discharge Cut-off Voltage19.6V  
10 Operating Temperature

Discharge:-40℃~ +55℃

Charge:-40℃~ +45℃

Cells must be stored at 25.2V ~ 27.3V. Over long storage periods cells should be cycled every 90 days. The method is to do a charge-

discharge cycle with standard method, then charge to 25.2V~ 27.3V.
11 long term storage temperature -5 ℃~+35℃

Relative humidity: 45~75%RH

Voltage:3.8±0.1V(single cell)














l         能量密度高, 容量高出同行業10%~30%;
High energy density(540WH/L), capacity is 10%~30% higher than the present battery industrial;

l         日產量10萬只;
Daily production capacity is up to 100K due to self-developed automatic machines and effective engineering team ;

l         安全性高, 專為可穿戴式設備設計.

l         High Safety. Specially designed for wearable devices.

l         極片韌性高, 并采用不同溫度, 多次成形, 使電池長期穩定;,

l         To guarantee the long terms stability, Both anode and cathode blades are specially made for higher tenacity, and bent at 5 levels in different temperature.

l         4C快充
4Cfast charging current for your solution;

Typical Cases
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