Triangle Lipo batteries

  • Brief:: Polymer Lithium ion batteries

Publish time:2020-02-03 22:10:42

Communications equipment: mobile phone, PHS phone, Bluetooth cell phones, walkie-talkie

Polymer Lithium ion batteries are developed based on liquid lithium ion battery, anode using LiCoO2, LiFePO4, LiMn2O4, while cathode using carbon, using polymer electrolyte foil, packing with aluminum plastic foil.

Polymer Lithium ion batteries (liPo batteries) are the new generation lithium battery. Lithium ion polymer battery not only gives high voltage, long recharge life, and steady discharge rate as liquid lithium ion battery and pollution free, but also eliminates safety hazards which liquid lithium ion battery exists. In addition, the battery design becomes more flexible, convenient, light and handy. The performance has reached or exceeded the technology parameter of liquid lithium ion battery with a better reliability.


Portable DVDs, laptop computers, mobile phones, blue-tooth devices, MP3/MP4 players, PDA's, R/C planes, power-driven tools & toys, battery-operated bicycles/cars have already adopted GMB's polymer technology.
Main applications are;

  • Communications equipment:  mobile phone, PHS phone, Bluetooth cell phones, walkie-talkie

  • Information equipment:  laptop computers, PDA, portable fax machines, printers

  • Audio-visual equipment:  digital cameras, camcorders, portable DVD, VCD

  • Others:  electric bicycles, miner's lamp

l         能量密度高, 容量高出同行業10%~30%;
High energy density(540WH/L), capacity is 10%~30% higher than the present battery industrial;

l         日產量10萬只;
Daily production capacity is up to 100K due to self-developed automatic machines and effective engineering team ;

l         安全性高, 專為可穿戴式設備設計.

l         High Safety. Specially designed for wearable devices.

l         極片韌性高, 并采用不同溫度, 多次成形, 使電池長期穩定;,

l         To guarantee the long terms stability, Both anode and cathode blades are specially made for higher tenacity, and bent at 5 levels in different temperature.

l         4C快充
4Cfast charging current for your solution;

Typical Cases
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